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Builders Mate Estimating Software

Extension & Renovation

Need help installing and/or downloading? Just keep reading

Click the picture to enlarge

1. First of all locate the file you wish to download/buy.

2. Add the item to cart or click the buy now button and enter in the appropriate details, once done click the "Log In"

3. Once logged in, click the "Pay Now" button. Once PayPal completes the payment it will send you download link and any instructions needed to download the file.

4. Once you have clicked the download link, the file may start to download or your browser may warn you that you are downloading a file from the internet, in this instance you need to tell your browser to keep the file. Click the arrow and then the option to keep, located in the bottom left. As shown in the screenshot but may vary with different browsers but should be similar.

5. Once downloaded, click the file to run it. Some operating systems will again flag this as a file downloaded from the internet, our example is on windows 8 as they hide the option to allow you to run the file. The screenshot to the right is the warning you might face.

6. The option to run the file is hidden and you must click more info to reveal the option to run the file, as shown in the screenshot to the right. Click run anyway